The ParksDiana Park founded Park Avenue Agents in 1976 selling jewelry, baskets, and a small unknown publisher, Price Stern Sloan. Since Diana�s retirement in 1997, her husband, John, and daughter, Heidi, have shared management responsibilities, while servicing their own sales territories.
We partner with our customers and vendors to create and maintain long-term prosperous relationships. Customers and vendors have told us they think of our team more as employees than �independent� reps or �sales people�. That small publisher, PSS, now The Penguin Group, has grown to be our number one line. Our experienced sales representatives have worked with us from 5 to 12 years. We believe in continuous improvement and learning every day how to support our customer and vendors with ever higher levels of professionalism and integrity. We use BrokerForce� electronic order writing software giving us fingertip access to past order summaries and top sellers for each vendor.
Having a publisher as our top line means we have something for and call on every type of retail store imaginable including: art, florist, furniture, Hallmark, card and traditional gift shops, hospital gift, museum, party, toy stores, and even a few independent book stores.
If you are a retailer with a passion to create a unique shopping experience for your customers we have something for you!
Whether you are a retailer or manufacturer, new or well established, in our market place we would love to support your growth!
Drop us an email, heidi@parkavenueagents.com, or give us a call, (206) 228-4018.